Valving machine for small gas cylinders

Valving machine for small gas cylinders - M103-810-000

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Product description


Ronning valving machine for small gas cylinders for roller conveyor system. To remove and insert valves into seamless gas cylinders, welded gas cylinders and fire extinguishers.

- High accuracy.
- Fast and reliable.
- Operated by electric geared unit.
- Clamping device - self centering with 2 pneumatic-air cylinder.
- Minimum requirement of maintenance.
- Mesh guard with sliding door and safety interlock.
- Free standing support (M103-116-000).
- Roller conveyor is not included. To be offered separately at request.

  • Length of shortest cylinder: 630 mm.
  • Length of longest cylinder: CUSTOMIZED.
  • Cylinder diameter capacity: CUSTOMIZED.
  • Valve wrench: M131-729 with spanner jaw gap: CUSTOMIZED.
  • Total machine height:  CUSTOMIZED.
  • Torque setting: up to 500 Nm.
Spare parts

Rubber Pads – M125-125-109

Optional fittings

Support for valving machine - M103-116-000

Support for valving machine - mobile - M103-116-484

Machine guarding valving machine - M103-124-000

Additional protection kit - polycarbonate - M103-589-000

Additional protection kit - M103-095-106

Device for cylinders with fixed valve guard – M103-650-112

Support for short cylinders – M103-827-000

Lifting device for small cylinders - M103-122-001

Machine guarding valving machine - M103-124-000

Valve outlet position device – M103-650-112

Mechanical torque meter - M103-121-000

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