Who we are

One of the main reasons we have continued to be one of the leading providers of equipment for gas cylinder maintenance during so many years, is our belief that quality really lasts.

The equipment is designed to be easy to use and to have a long service life with a minimum requirement of servicing. Further more, we believe that ergonomics along with built-in safety features is of great importance. For that reason, machines with moving parts are supplied with machine guarding as a standard feature.

At time of delivery, our products are supplied ready to use and complete with all required parts for operational use. Normally there is only a short three-step process between unpacking and operation:

  • apply or fixate the machine to the floor or wall
  • connect electricity
  • and where applicable, connect compressed air and water

Our customers can always rely on us offering spare parts for products, even if the machine was manufactured and supplied a long time ago. As we mentioned previously, we believe that quality should really last.


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