Spray painting gas cylinders

Spray painting machine for gas cylinders - M169-413-XXX

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Product description


The gas cylinders will rotate to enable manual painting by means of a spray gun.
Quick and ergonomic method to apply paint.

- The machine is placed above ground and any pit is not required. Supplied with a ramp, 120 mm height.
- Electric control panel.
- The machine must be connected to an extractor unit. 

  • Max. cylinder diameter: 270 mm. 
  • Max. cylinder length: 1650 mm. 
  • The electric motors can also be supplied in explosion protected design.
Product options

The following options are available:

Manual spray painting for 1 gas cylinder - M169-413-001.
Manual spray painting for 2 gas cylinders - M169-413-002.
Manual spray painting for 3 gas cylinders - M169-413-003.
Manual spray painting for 4 gas cylinders - M169-413-004.
Manual spray painting for 6 gas cylinders - M169-413-006.

At request for quotation please specify number of gas cylinder. 

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