External cleaning & painting machine for gas cylinders – M148-152-005

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Product description


The cylinder is cleaned by means of 2 rotating steel wire brushes. 

The cleaning cycle is fully automatic and will also clean the shoulder on a seamless cylinder. 

After the cleaning cycle it is possible to paint the cylinder. 

- Requires a pit with the depth 260 mm. Gas cylinder at floor level. Easy handling when loading and unloading
- The machine is designed to remove rust, dirt and loose paint
- Controlled by frequency converter and touch panel
- Brush arm travel speed is adjustable
- Sliding door
- Cabinet, walls and door of sound absorbing material
- To be connected to dust extraction unit such as M148-165

  • Cylinder height up: To 2100 mm.
  • Cylinder diameter: Up to 380 mm.
    Spare parts

    Circular brush - Steel wire - Standard - M148-154-000

    Circular brush - Nylon with abrasive – M148-154-155

    Optional fittings

    Filter box - M148-165

    Product video

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