Pressure testing pump - 450 bar - M647-647-000

Pressure testing pump - 450 bar - M647-647-000

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Product description


Test panel with air operated test pump. Double acting high pressure head, single acting air drive head. Smooth operation with reduced pressure shocks compared to single acting pumps.

- Compact unit complete with with precision pressure gauge, valves, water storage tank, stainless steel pipe work, all wetted parts non-corroding in water. 
- Manually controlled as standard.
- Valves and pressure gauge in ergonomic position.
- Connection for PRV and master gauge. 

  • Mid capacity.
  • Working pressure: 0-450 bar.  
  • Pressure ratio: 1:63.
  • Operated by: compressed air.
Opptional fittings

Pressure relief valve – M647-485-647

Pressure switch for test pump – M647-286-106

Pressure relief valve - adjustable - M647-485-000

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