Pressure switch for test pump

Pressure switch for test pump – M647-286-106

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Product description


To be used with the test pump such M647-647-000 or M647-224-000.

The pressure switch allow the pump to run at the highest flow rate until the target test pressure is reached. Manual decompression.

- Control panel.
- Pressure switch. 
- 6-position selector.
- Tube fittings.

  • Number of preset test positions: 6.
  • Pressure range: 100-550 bar water pressure. 
  • Electrical supply: 220V singel phase.
To be used with

Pressure testing pump - 450 bar - M647-647-000

Pressure testing pump - 550 bar - M647-224-000

Pressure relief valve selection device - M647-485-104

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