Automatic spray painting machine for gas cylinders - M169-108-XXX

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Product description


Automatic spray painting with a fast and professional result. 

Supplied complete with cylinder turning device, support arrangement, spray nozzles, travel guide and high pressure piston paint pump.

- Possible to paint the shoulder and the body with different colours.
- Each cylinder can be painted individually or all at the same time.

  • Estimated process time: 2 minutes.
  • Cylinder diameter: 120-270 mm.
  • Cylinder length: 400-1650 mm.
  • Number of cylinders: 1-6.
  • Number of colours: 1-2.
  • Type of paint: Water based
  • Explosion protection: No
Product options

The following options are available:

M169-108-12-270 - 1 colour, 2 cylinders
M169-108-22-270 - 2 colours, 2 cylinders
M169-108-24-270 - 2 colours, 4 cylinders
M169-108-26-270 - 2 colours, 6 cylinders

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