Water catch tray heater - M187-420-448

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Product description


Device to heat water, to be used with M184-420-xxx water catch tray and test unit M187-000 / M187-770.

By using hot water when testing it is possible to reduce the cylinder drying time by 10-15 minutes, depending on ambient conditions.

- Electric heaters and fittings.
- Level indicator.
- Control panel.
- Lid and insulation to be mounted on water catch tray.

  • Temperature: up to 70°
  • Heaters: 2x4,5 kW.
  • Voltage: 3x400 V.
  • Control panel extension and adaption.
  • To be fitted on catch tray type M187-420 designed for heater.
  • Lid and insulation for catch tray is included.
  • Price valid at supplied of complete pressure testing unit.
  • Not for retrofitting
Optional fittings

Water catch tray fill pump - M187-420-235

Water catch tray heater - M187-420-448

To be used with

Pressure testing unit for gas cylinders - M187-000-XXX

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