Pressure testing unit for LPG gas cylinder - M187-192-XXX

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Product description

Semiautomatic hydrostatic pressure testing system for low pressure gas containers.

The system can be used for a wide range of gas containers, such as Welded steel LPG gas cylinders, Steel refrigerant cylinders, Composite LPG cylinders, Composite refrigerant cylinders, Car gas cylinders and Automotive LPG gas cylinders.

- Electric operated Inverter.
- Supplied with control panel and safety grating.
- Water fill and pressure test system.
- Water tank and electric filling pump.
- Pneumatic actuated stainless steel valves for filling, pressure testing and emptying the cylinders.
- Coaxial test heads, to fill pressure test and draining, will fit cylinders with fixed valve guard. Sealed against the top surface on the gas cylinders. No Teflon tape is needed.
- All operated from the test pump panel.
- Sealed system.

  • Cylinder diameter: 0-380 mm (also available for other dimensions).
  • Cylinder height: 300-1420 mm (also available for other dimensions).
  • Test pressure: up to 40 bar as standard.
  • Proof pressure test.
    Product options


    The following options are available:

    Pressure testing unit for welded gas cylinders - 4 gas cylinders - M187-192-004.
    Pressure testing unit for welded gas cylinders - 6 gas cylinders - M187-192-006.

    At request for quotation please specify option.

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