Pneumatic clamp trolley – M822-272-000

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Product description

Safe and labour-saving when moving few cylinders. Suitable for handling of special gases.

The cylinders are clamped and lifted by compressed air or nitrogen at 15 bar from a 7-litre gas cylinder. 

- Quick clamp and lift for clearance in one movement.
- Easy to maneuver and to move.
- Suitable for restricted spaces and narrow passages.
- Avoids the heavy wear-and-tear on floor surface when cylinders are rolled.

  • Capacity: 4 cylinders.
  • Cylinder diameter: 140-235 mm.
  • Cylinder length: 700-1800 mm.
  • Clamp and lift power: compressed air from 7L gas cylinder, capacity approximately 1000 cylinders.
Spare parts

Standard rubber pad for clamp arm - M239-950-551

Product video

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