Direct expansion test unit - water jacket gas cylinders

Direct expansion test unit - M187-446-000

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The test unit is supplied with a panel with a balance with digital weighing indicator.
By using a balance it is possible to measure the amount of water passed into the cylinder under test and, on decompression, measuring the amount of water returned. 

- Compact unit fitted in a stand alone rack. 
- Supplied with pump, pressure gauge and valves.  
- This test unit can also be used for hydraulic proof pressure test.
- Double acting pressure testing pump (needs air from compressor), single air drive head type.
- Stainless steel pipe work, all wetted parts non-corroding in water. Water filter and air filter-regulator.

Manually controlled as standard.

Capacity 1 gas cylinder:

  • Test pressure: up to 450 bar. (Higher pressure available on request).

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