Cylinder painting machine for gas cylinders - M169-000-XXX

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Product description


Safe and quick method to manually paint gas cylinders. The gas cylinder is placed on a turning disc and the cylinder is being painted as the cylinder is rotating.

- Walls 3 sides, front open.
- Worm gear motor for cylinder turning.
- Cylinder support with spring balancer.
- M169-159-001 paint-trough and tools for painting.
- Start and stop push button.
- Connection for extraction at the rear

  • Capacity: up to 6 gas cylinders
  • Cylinder diameter: 120 - 270 mm. 
  • Cylinder length: 0 -1650 mm.

  • Typical process time for one 50L cylinder from loaded to fully painted 1 minutes.
Product options

The following options are available:

Manual painting for 2 gas cylinders - M169-000-002. 
Manual painting for 3 cylinders - M169-000-003. 
Manual painting for 4 gas cylinders - M169-000-004. 
Manual painting for 6 gas cylinders - M169-000-006. 

At request for quotation please specify option. 

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