Interior Cleaning machine with tilt – M177-000-002

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Product description


Interior Cleaning Machine with tilt. Will clean the entire inside of a gas cylinder - even the bottom and shoulder. 

The cylinders are turned upside down as they slowly rotate. The rods moves along the cylinder walls, when the peened ends of the rods scrapping off the rust. At the end positions the rods strike the shoulder and bottom with considerable force, thereby loosening the rust. The rods are easily removed when the frame is in inverted position.

Operation: Special steel rods are placed in each cylinder / The gas cylinders are placed in the machine / The machine will run the preset time / Tilt to emptying position / Remove the steel rods from the rear / Return to loading position.

- Stand with motor and compressed air cylinders for tilt.
- Steel rods with.
- Collective containers for steel rods.
- Ejector to remove debries.
- Protective grating.

  • Capacity: 2 seamless gas cylinders. 
  • Cylinder diameter: 140- 235 mm (5,51”-9,25”).
  • Cylinder height: 700-1650 mm (0-6,96”).
Spare parts:

Adapter for small cylinders - M177-178-000

Adapter for small cylinders - M177-178-001

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