Inverter for gas cylinders - Ø235mm/H1700mm - M239-000-XXX

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Product description


To be used to upend gas cylinders, for example to remove water. 

- The cylinders are clamped in a frame by compressed-air cylinders.  
- A worm gear motor upends the cylinders through a chain gear.
- The inverter is equipped with a 3 side protective grating.

  • Cylinder height: 1700 mm.
  • Cylinder diameter: Ø140-235 mm.
Product options


The following options are available:

Inverter for 2 gas cylinders - M239-000-002.
Inverter for 4 gas cylinders - M239-000-004.
Inverter for 6 gas cylinders - M239-000-006.
Inverter for 8 gas cylinders - M239-000-008.
Inverter for 10 gas cylinders - M239-000-010.

At request for quotation please specify number of gas cylinder. 

Spare parts:

Rubber pad for clamp arm - M239-950-551

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