Pressure testing unit - simplified model - M187-383-002

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Product description


1 high pressure manifold in stainless steel tube
1 mounting bracket for the test heads and filling heads.  

- the cylinders are filled one by one with water from the water main
- two cylinders can be pressure tested at the same time
- after pressure test, the cylinders has to be moved to the manual inverter (M239-595-001).

  • Capacity: 2 cylinders.
  • Working pressure: 450 bar.
  • Proof pressure test.
Opptional fittings

Not included in the supply of M187-383-002, to be ordered separately:

Test adapter - M200-203-000

Drainage nozzles - M519-000

Wide range manual inverter - M239-595-001

Water catch tray fill pump - M187-420-235

Water catch tray - M187-420-006

Water filling heads - M210-000

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