Scrapping machine for seamless gas cylinders - M267-872-001

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Machine for destroying condemned seamless gas cylinders.

The gas cylinder to be scrapped is placed in a cradle and is turned into position by means of hydraulic cylinder.

- The gas cylinder will be pierced in 2 places NEAR THE SHOULDER.
- Cradle with hydraulic upending cylinder.
- Electric operated hydraulic gear pump.
- 2 piercing pistons.
- Protective grating covering 4 sides, door with interlocking device.
- Control panel.

  • Capacity: 1 gas cylinder.
  • Estimated cycle time: 50 sec.
  • Cylinder diameter: 140-380. 
  • Cylinder height: up to 1700 mm.
  • Press holes: 2 nos. Ø 30-40 mm.

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